Class Info: Wizard

Weapons: All pistols except Deagle

Overview: High utility and burst damage

Many spells have a short cooldown

Level 1:
10 mana with every level increase
!grease - 10 mana - 10% chance for pistol and 30% chance for primary weapon to be dropped by your target

Level 2:
!missile - 5 mana - Damages enemy for 1d10 + 1/2 level damage, increased by 1d10 per two levels (max 10d10 + 10). Every increase in damage increases mana cost by 5 (total of 50 mana).

Level 3:
!sleep - 20 mana - 20% chance plus 1% per level to make target slumber

Level 5:
!fireball - 30 mana - Look at a spot and ALL people nearby take 3d6 + 1d6 damage per two levels (total 10d6) and have a 40% chance to catch on fire

Level 7:
!haste - 30 mana - Increases speed of nearby allies

Level 9:
!smoke - 30 mana - Target a spot to create a fog that can't be seen through

Level 11:
Teleport and Save - Save a location to teleport to it later that game

!save loc <some place>
!tele loc <some place>

Some place can be anything, so you can have as many saves as mana allows.

Level 15:
!mass - 50 mana - Turn your entire team invisible for 5s. Same rules as Rogue stealth, but won't return to invisible. This is a GLOBAL effect.

Level 19:
!kill - 70 mana - 30% chance to instantly kill target

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