Most abilities from every class and race has the chance to be resisted. This is most well noticed by spell casters. The chance to resist is based upon which class the target is playing.

There are three different types of saves:

  1. Fortitude
    • Classes with large pools of health typically have a high Fortitude bonus
  2. Reflex
    • Nimble classes typically have high Reflex saves
  3. Will
    • Classes with mana pools typically have high Will saves

Classes can have multiple good saves, and poor saves. The formula for a good save is:

classLevel / 2 + 2

The formula for a poor save is:

classLevel / 5 + 2

When you are trying to resist an ability, you have a 5% chance to completely negate the effect (1/20). If you don't negate the effect, then you add your save bonus to the resist chance (x/20 + bonus). If your resistance is high enough, you either take no damage or a reduced effect.

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