Class Info: Rogue

Weapons: All pistols, SMGs, Scout

Overview: Increased stealth with levels (comes out when shot or when shoots enemy), sneak attack, cripple, decreased gravity, dodge, steal money, and more.

Level 1:
-145 color (-7 more at each even level)
When the rogue is not in combat, they are harder to see. This changes their alpha channel. 3s restealth time

Level 2:
1-6 extra attack damage when stealthed. Increased by the same amount every 2 levels (10-60 total at level 20)

Level 3:
20% chance to dodge

Level 9:
33% chance to dodge

Level 11:
30% chance for a 20% slow. Chance increases by 1% per level

Level 15:
!hide instantly restealths you

Level 19:
All attacks from behind an enemy are sneak attacks

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