Paladin finished coding/added in, but NOT bug tested/debugged
Info/Help option in Main Menu along with (!)help, info, and motd commmands.
Maximum amount of earnable XP from bot kills is 1000 XP / day. You will receive a message in chat when you hit your limit and when you can again earn this XP.


Fixed the "double/triple/quad" kill bug that caused players to level too fast, mess up the scoreboard, etc etc

Fixed Elf bonus weapons glitch

Bug Tracker:

Exotic Race Pack!
Tiefling, Aasimar, Dragonborn, Genasi, and Drow!


DND:CSGO is ready for beta! Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, and Wizard are FINISHED along with Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, and Halfling.

Write me your suggestions here:

Discord chat:


The Source-Python mod is coming along quite well, but unfortunately is still not ready to deploy a working DND mod. I still have to add class mechanics, but will not be able to do so until the mod is more complete. The ability to switch class/race/prestiges is working and you can gain XP. Its just the races and classes have no abilities yet ><


  • Escape fixed (typo)

I will be implementing a custom ranking system. The idea is to assign military-like ranks to players based on their kda, number of bombs planted, rounds won, etc. Those statistics will be calculated into a score, and that score will determine your ranking. No ETA, this will just be something to keep me occupied along with everything else until SourcePython gets updated and I can continue work for CS:GO.


  • Knight class abilities FIXED and TESTED
  • Knight bonus health cut in half


  • Certain events now give gold
  • Bard songs fixed
  • Standardized messages
  • Escape waits on round start like teleport
  • Bounty XP FIXED
  • Added XP configuration file /cstrike/cfg/dndxp.cfg



My focus has been turned entirely to CS:GO. I will try and fix bugs but I will not add any new content for CS:S.

Bots are apparently doing too much damage, and I do have numbers to back this up. I'll be disabling Magic Items to see if this is the cause, or not. No items will be deleted.




Cleric Changes

  • Astral Removed
  • Added !massheal
  • Added !drain
  • !turn fixed

!mass Mass Invis fixed


Got the server working on Linux, moved to different IP

Got lots of new stuff coming!

As well as some bug fixes:

  • !escape fixed
  • !mass fixed


Got the server working on Linux, moved to different IP


  • Mage of the Arcane Order Gains a new spell, !meteor
  • Gold added. Currently has no use.
  • Reverted Monk changes. Bonus damage, as previously stated, can be saved against. How Saves Work
  • Divine Oracle (Cleric's second prestige class, level 10) had no abilities other than slightly above normal mana. I have given it abilities based upon the book.
    • A Divine Oracle gains Divine Protection - A chance that your God prevents damage from happening to you.
    • A DO's Divine Protection chance can be found on its wiki page Divine Oracle
  • Bard songs recoded in python for AOE functionality. The code has no syntax errors, but there may still be bugs.
  • Bard AOE Anti-Grav added back in


  • Tibbit Speed fixed (next server restart, wrote @ 22:41 EST)
  • Added saving throws to most classes bonus damage abilities
  • Cleric Spells Fixed
  • Necromancer Spells Fixed


  • Cleric spells bugged, will fix soon
  • People think its ok to abuse mod bugs and keep their levels. Its not.


  • BUGS
    • AOE Regen fixed
    • Team-wide effects are not working as intended. Bots with 600+ hp, Tiefling, Aasimar and Paladin passives… I will fix it but not tonight. Fixd
    • Pally heals not working as Cleric heals (bind key "!light self") Fixd


  • Dedicated Server IP: This will be the best server to connect to!
  • I am still looking for MATURE admins, as always.
  • I am also looking for some people to help add in some prestige information on the wiki. In particular, I was reminded about Wizard and Cleric prestiges. If you would like to pitch in, let me know and I'll send you a copy of the code your way. There are incentives for people who help out ;D
  • !fire for Wizard and Necromancer was not working. I fixed it myself with a lil bit of pythonista action. There are probably a few other AOE spells with issues.


  • I am no longer aware of any bugs. AOE things may be broke, but they shouldn't be.
  • Kensai had some chance changes
  • Knight has been added!


Believe I have squashed most of the bugs.

  • That message bug is still pissing me off, and I don't know whats causing it.
  • There may be some AOE spells that still need to be fixed, like fireball. If I have to, I have the ability to recode them in Python. I already did for the Tibbit crash.

I made some changes to the classes that I suggest EVERYONE reads - Fighter Rogue Monk

Planned Changes:

  • Kensai's Abilities will be going through major changes, with the goal to increase the cost of potent abilities. Being stunned, disarmed, and drugged is TOO strong.
  • Converting the database from EventScripts Classic to a Python database (pickle). This will be a LONG process which I do not plan on having done soon.

I am looking for MATURE admins, as always. (This means NOT YOU, TriggerHappy)

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