Proposed Changes

While listening to some soulful Hendrix, was thinking about the mod.

  • I'd like to have magic items (when they're added) to affect class abilities. This would probably be in addition to the properties already on them. Example: A Sword of Blinding Light would reduce the chance of the victim to dodge, where a Cloak of Shadows would increase it.
  • I'd like to add every base class from D&D into the mod. The current missing ones are: Barbarian, Druid. I would not be adding Sorceror as it has way too much overlap with Wizard.
  • I'd like to change Necromancer and Cleric. Necromancy in the sense of raising the dead is much more of a divine ability than arcane, so to have a requirement of Wizard to unlock Necromancer just seems as a bad solution. I also dont feel like Cleric is as sought after a class as others. This would also entail buffing !good, as only !evil would have raising spells. I would give !evil Clerics the !zombie spell and remove the Necromancer class. PLEASE GIVE THOUGHTS
  • People do complain about Rogues. One thing I'm thinking about is a redesign. Something similar that Rogues only get sneak attacks from behind an enemy. I AM going to change stealth so you can not go into stealth unless you haven't been damaged in the preceding 3 seconds.
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