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Monster Race FAQ

Monster Races are a special breed of Races a player can choose to play. Due to the power of these Races, they all share a common Class, called "Monster." Technically, each Monster would use its Race as the Class, but in the mod they are shared. (This is how LA races work. You level the Race as its own class up to a certain level, THEN you earn your Class levels.)

In order to play a Monster Race, a player needs the appropriate level of Bonus Points. Bonus Points are awarded to a player when they earn 21,000 XP at Level 20. Instead of going to 21, they instead earn the Bonus Point. Your XP then goes to 0, and your current Class stays at 20.

When you choose to play a Monster Race, the Bonus Points are not consumed. The Race is simply unlocked. The only exception to the rule is Tibbit, which requires 0 Bonus Points. While playing a Monster Race, you earn XP for the "Monster" Class. Upon reaching 30,000 XP, you earn a Bonus Point. This is the only other way to earn Bonus Points than having a Level 20 Class. Technically, you would never need to play a Class to unlock all Monster Races.

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