Class Info: Monk

Knife Only

Overview: Monk is an invisible knife class that has bonus damage and increased speed with each level. It can also escape like a kobold without being a kobold. Monk gets 1 teleport and gets decreased gravity.

All Excellent Saves

NOTE: Sometimes the class selection glitches and if you have Monk unlocked, you can't select it. To remedy this problem, go to the second class page, then go back and select Monk.

All bonus damage is negated by fort save

Level 1:

  • 230 Color

Level 3:

  • +5% speed and at every next third level (6, 9…)

Level 4:

  • 33% bonus damage
    • Fort save negates (every bonus damage level)

Level 9:

  • Regeneration 2 health every 2 seconds

Level 10:

  • +33% bonus damage (66% total)

Level 11:

  • Immune to Drow Poison

Level 12:

  • !save1 !save2 !tele1 !tele2 Once per round

Level 14:

  • !escape - Pushes you in a random direction

Level 16:

  • +33% bonus damage (100% total)
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