Magic Items

Magic Items will be added at a later date to the CS:GO version

Players have the option of creating a Magic Item. This is done by amassing 10,000 gold then select the Create Magic Item option in the Items menu (!menu, 4, 1).

Gold is accrued by killing other players (bots award nothing, this may be changed). The amount of gold granted is on the chart below.

When you choose to create a Magic Item, you have a 100% chance of creating one if you do not already have an item. Otherwise, there is a 25% chance you destroy the item during creation. Created items always have a bonus of +1, a slot they occupy, and one random effect.

The slots are:

  • Weapon
  • Head
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Feet

Items are automatically equipped in their slot. If you create an item and you already have one of the same slot type, you can replace it or discard the new item. Discarded items give no refund.

A weapon adds 5% extra damage for every +1 it has. Armor adds 1% damage reduction. You can upgrade an item for 2,000 gold. This increases the +1 bonus by 1 for every upgrade, to a maximum of +5 for 20,000 gold total for the item.

Abilities are as follows:


Level of Player Killed Gold Earned
1-5 1-10
6-10 11-20
11 - 15 21-30
16 - 20 31-40
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