Basic Mod Mechanics

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In DnD CSS Mod players choose a combination of a Race and a Class. New players start as the default Race "Human" and the default Class "Fighter."

A Race is a species, like Human or Orc. A Class is a profession, such as Sorceror or Fighter. You may be any combination of Race and any Class.

To change your race or class, first type !dnd. You will be presented with a popup of choices that looks similar to:

You select either your race or class to change by pressing the appropriate number, then select which one you would like. You can view available races and classes on the left or top bars. You MUST be dead or spectating to change your class or race.

Killing enemies, rescuing hostages, planting the bomb, and defusing the bomb results in the player obtaining experience for their current Class.

Players start out as Level 1 for every class (Fighter, Cleric, Sorceror , Rogue, and Paladin). To Level Up a Class the player must earn enough experience to meet or exceed the total required and then obtain a kill. To view how much experience is needed type !menu and select 6 for your personal stats.

It takes 1000 experience to go from Level 1 to Level 2, 2000 to go from Level 2 to Level 3, and so on.

Certain classes can only use certain weapons. For instance, a Sorceror can not use an AK or AWP. The class with the least restrictions on it is the Fighter, and Sorceror is the most. This is not yet implemented but is planned.

To see what other players races and classes are, type !playerinfo in chat.

Level Adjustment Races

When playing as one of these Races, your Level is temporary hindered by the amount posted next to that Level Adjustment Race. For instance, if you were a Level 10 Fighter and you selected Troll (Level 9 adjustment), your Fighter Level would be 1 as long as you were a Troll.

Depending on the Level of your current Class a Level Adjustment Race can be very beneficial.

Note: The Skills of a Class are related to what Level it is. If a Wizard chose a Level Adjustment Race then it is possible that some Spells the Wizard recently got through Leveling Up will be unavailable to him/her (and in addition the Wizard will have less Mana to cast the spells with).


!!! There are currently no prestiges in game.

When a player Levels a Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, or Rogue to Level 5, 10, or 15 then the player may chose a Prestige for that Class.

A Prestige grants the player the bonuses from the Class (up the the required prestige Level) in addition to the bonuses received from the Prestige.

Instead of Leveling Up the Class the player Levels Up a Prestige. Choosing a Prestige gives the player different bonuses for Leveling Up than the Class alone would grant. Leveling Up a Prestige takes more experience than Leveling the Class, but it is well worth it.

For Example:

The Level 5 Prestige for Fighter is Grenadier. A player may choose to begin Leveling Up the Prestige Grenadier instead of Leveling Up their Fighter. If the player does chose the Prestige then the player becomes a Level 5 Fighter AND Level 0 Grenadier. The player would have the bonuses from being a Level 5 Fighter, but would Level Up the Prestige Grenadier.

Note: The highest Level a Prestige can go is based off of the Level of the Class. The Class Level + Prestige Level must be equal to 20 or less.
Example: Level 5 Prestige => Level 5 Class + Level 15 Prestige
The highest a Level 5 Prestige (such as Grenadier) goes is 15 Levels.

Note: If you have a Class that is a higher Level than the Prestige (for example a Level 10 Fighter trying to use the Prestige Grenadier) then your Class will become the needed Level for the Prestige while you are Leveling the Prestige (the Level 10 Fighter would be considered Level 5 Fighter while using the Prestige Grenadier). This is similar to having a Level Adjustment Race, the loss of Levels is only while you are the Prestige.

To stop Leveling a Prestige simply change your class to a different class and then reselect your old class.

Monster Races & Bonus Points

Monster Races and Bonus Points are for advanced players and are discussed in the Monster Races section of the wiki.

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