Class Info: Fighter

Class Info: Fighter

Weapons: All guns except AWP (obtain at level 11) and both Autosnipers

Overview: Gives bonus damage, takes less damage, along with drug and more health.

Level 1:
Damaging enemies also damages their allies within lose proximity (10%)

Level 3:
Killing an enemy cleaves 50% of damage dealt to nearby enemies, capped at 30 damage

Level 5:
5% increased damage and 1% more every additional level

Level 7:
If you drop below 50 HP, you are instantly healed 30 HP

Level 9:
50% chance to do double damage with SMGs
5 bonus damage with AK and M4

Level 11:
Gain AWP

Level 8:

  • AK-47 deals 10 bonus damage
  • M4A1 deals 20 bonus damage
  • Fort save negates

Level 11:
Gains the use of the AWP

Level 15:
10% critical strike chance (all players have 5% base)

Level 20:
20% Damage Reduction

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