The Druid is a proposed class for the CS:GO version of D&D.

The Druid is a very versatile class that can do many things. They can spell cast, or get in your face by shape changing into a WIDE variety of animals, gaining their abilities and strength but losing the ability to spell cast.

For a weapon list, I am thinking either Cleric or Rogue weapons.

Their spells are very different from a Wizard's, resembling the Clerics. Their most potent spells involve summoning animals, but that ability would elude me on how to incorporate. As of right now, I think it wouldn't be bad to augment your shapeshifting abilities (more on this later). Their most powerful abilities allow them to change weather (damaging spells) and summon elementals.

The Druids iconic ability allows them to take a form of an animal. They get access to larger, deadlier animals as they level up. Typically, progression is similar to wolfs and boars, then bears and rhinos, and finally dinosaurs. (Yes, there are raptors and allosaurs in D&D). There is a WIDE variety of animals the Druid could choose from. I would imagine of designing this ability like the ability for a Kensai to choose their weapon bonuses. Their final ability allows them to shapeshift into elementals.

As stated earlier, I think if a Druid were to use their spell to summon an animal, their shape change would gain certain abilities of the summoned animal. For example, if they summoned a poisonous animal, their attacks in animal form may have a poison added to them. An alternative (which sounds better to me, now that I think about it) would be to have their attacks ALWAYS get the bonus, whether or not they were wild shaped.

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