Divine Time Warper

Class Info: Divine Time Warper

Weapons: All Pistols Except Deagle, and all SMG's

Overview: Using divine knowledge, you can manipulate time flow of your enemies, switch places with them, and travel back in time to avoid damage.

Good Fortitude and Will saves

Level 1:

  • Time Distortion - With 4 successful hits, your target is slowed by 20%

Level 3:

  • Chronoport - Chance to switch places with your enemy (Chance% = Your Level)
    • Can disable with !nochrono, enable with !chrono

Level 5:

  • Flashback - After this is enabled (30 seconds after you spawn or are attacked), you will return to where you were 5 seconds ago with that amount of health if you are attacked.
    • Can disable with !noflash, enable with !flash

Level 7:

  • !lev0 and !lev1
    • !lev0 Switches your gravity to full, !lev1 switches it to 50%

Level 9:

  • Wormhole - Chance to send your opponent flying (kind of like !escape) (Chance% = Your Level - 4)

Level 13:

  • !lev2
    • 20%

Level 15:

  • !lev3
    • 1%

Level 19:

  • !sand - Sands Of Time (1) - Continuous Damage Over Time
    • 10 Damage every 2 seconds until the target is dead.
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