Race/Class Combinations


Not all of the races or classes presented may be in the Python version, but this is good information none the less

Okay, so, we all know DnD can kinda of be confusing to new comers. This here guide will help explain why that douche bag over there is flying around with 0% gravity, or why you keep shooting a team mate that looks like an enemy.

First off, Elf is going to be your best friend. If you're leveling up a rogue or cleric or wizard or anything else that isn't completely tank-like, then you're gonna want to be an elf. That's assuming that you're decent with the M4 or AK. Elf enables you to use those weapons like any other class, that in itself makes it a great race, you also get a -10 stealth if your a stealth class, but has a handicap of -10 HP as well.

Avariel and Vampire are the two races that can completely alter your gravity, making you able to almost fly. This is amazing because most people wont expect you to be in the rafters of the house instead of the corner.
Doppleganger is a race which allows a player to look exactly like the opposing team. There is no way to physically determine if they are on your team or not. But let me tell you right now, RADAR IS YOU'RE BEST FRIEND. I cannot stress that enough. If you check your radar and see that there are no team mates in the vicinity, then obviously the guy who LOOKS like a team mate running at you, is actually an enemy.

Certain classes go great together with certain races. Take, for example, the Troll Fighter. Troll being the Level adjustment race, and fighter being the class. Fighters are already tanks on their own, being able to take more damage then most any other class. But when you add a troll to the equation, you become an inhuman rampage (also a very cool album by a very cool band) slaughtering your foe. Sounds great, right?
Minotaur Fighter is also a great option, because of the small amount of level reduction (just -3) and the amount of bonus damage and damage reduction that you get.

As a Rogue, it's good to be invisible. That's just what Rogues do. But are you not as stealthy as you think you should be? Then maybe its time to switch to Halfing. It's a regular class, with no level adjustment, and the only negative is a small speed reduction, but do you really need speed with a whole -50 to color? That can bring your 70/255 all the way down to a 20/255. Big difference.
Another good combo is the Vampire Rogue. Rogues are stealthy and count on one hit kills so they can escape before ever being hit. What better way to escape, also with a nice healthy chunk of health added on to your original HP? Also, using the !stealth command with your already sneaky stature will result in an almost completely invisible unit, fantastic for sneaking passed the enemy and attacking from behind. The levitation commands are invaluable. Being able to bunny hop and air strafe will almost double, if not triple your speed. Enabling you to get to bombsites and hostage rescues before your enemy. But don't expect that you'll automatically rape with this combination, it does require skill and coordination.
You might not think it, but a level 20 Troll Rogue is an amazing combo. The bonus 60 HP and damage, in addition to the sneak attack damage and high level dodge of a rogue result in an almost un-killable player. Tired of being one-deaged in the face? Wouldn't it be great to dodge it all and turn around to rape your attacker in the head?

Combine a wizard with an elf or gray-elf to get the added firepower you need. Grey elf is especially good because of the bonus 10 mana points you receive.

With Cleric, you may just wanna stay human, bind stun to a unbound key and spamming it around corners. Sure,people are gonna bitch at you and fucking rage, but that's what makes the game fun right? And a headshot is sure a lot easier to pull off if your opponent is frozen in place, right?

Pally is an incredible tank. Able to take over 200 damage with the aid of healing spells. You can mix it with troll or minotaur if you wanna rush, or just stay human.

Ranger is a beast. If you prefer using the !dual mode, then stick to Doppleganger or Minotaur. It already gets an insane damage boost, and with the aid of more, you can kill most enemies in 2 to 3 shots. Copmbine that with the mousewheel bind, and thats an enemy dead every second and a half. bind - (bind kp_uparrow "bind mwheeldown +attack; bind mwheelup +attack") copy the whole thing into console, and just press the up arrow on your num pad to switch mouse wheel to attack, resulting in a flurry of bullets from the dualies.
When using the !archer mode, use Halfing, because of the obvious invisibility. Or go a more exotic route, using Drow. Drow will poison your enemies, doing 1/10 of the original damage every second for 4 seconds. This is amazing when you hit someone and run, having them die around the corner while you made your escape.

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