Class Info: Cleric

Weapons: All pistols, Famas, Galil, and heavy weapons

Overview: Tanky persistent skirmishing

Level 1:
Gain a shield that takes damage before your health. Shield strength is equal to your level multiplied by 5, with an additional 15.

Level 3:
Nearby enemies are burned for half your level in damage.

Level 5:
!spirit instantly recharges your shield, and gives allies a shield that doesn't recharge.

Level 7:
17% chance to 'drug' your enemy

Level 9:
!contagion Infects the target you're looking at, dealing a total of 20 damage over 50 seconds. (Will probably change)

Level 11:
!miracle Resurrects random ally

Level 15:
Attacking an enemy makes them receive 10% more damage

Level 19:
!hymn Nearby allies are immune to damage

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