Barbarian is a proposed class for the CS:GO version of D&D.

Barbarians are typically two-handed weapon wielding tanks and DPS. They are not as heavy on damage as Fighters and Rogues typically, but can be built to do so.

I would give them a similar weapon list to Fighters. I may give Barbarians the AWP INSTEAD of the Fighter, however EWM would keep the AWP. We'll see how it plays out. Barbs would never get the Autos.

Their iconic ability Rage gives them bonus stats, including HP and damage. This does make the Barbarian easier to hit, and he is unable to use any abilities requiring patience or concentration. This would be easy enough to implement - bonus HP and Damage, and extra damage during Rage.

At later levels, Barbarians would gain Damage Reduction and immunity to slowing effects. Their class in D&D gains abilities do gain similar abilities to Rogues (trap sense and Uncanny Dodge) so I don't think it would be the worst idea to give Barbarian low level dodge (10-20% perhaps).

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