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Welcome to the DnD CSS Mod Wiki. Feel free to browse around and learn how the mod works.

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Current Information:

I am working on a version for CS:GO. I currently have it such that its possible to gain XP, but no classes, mechanics, or anything else is implemented yet. Trying to decide if I should keep it the same, or try out new class mechanics. I may write two versions - a modified one, and one for the classic to test which people like more.

I have decided to completely rewrite the mod. I am using Python. Any time you see "Legacy", that is referring to the old ES-Classic style, non-python mod. To learn about how the mod works, click here. This is a major work in progress. Eventscripts Python for CS:S kept changing things, and I had paused. With the release of Source Python, I am rewriting for CS:GO. However, Source Python has a ways to go before I can finish.

Legacy Information:

The latest version is 2.2. It was originally written by Jeff Hoogland, and is currently being worked on by me only. (If you are working on a version, contact me and I will let you add your info here.) To find the most recent public version, you can go to: http://addons.eventscripts.com/addons/view/dnd (no longer exists, Jeff baleted it)

To find a server that is running this mod go to: http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?search=dnd&type=variable

The DnD Mod is a modification to Counter-Strike: Source that allows players to select a race and a class. When players complete objectives such as defusing the bomb or rescuing hostages, experience is rewarded. Killing enemies also rewards the player with experience. When enough experience is gained, their classes reaches a new level, granting the player more benefits.


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